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Excerpt from “The Sour Patch Kid”

I was always scared to open my mouth and say the wrong thing, but once I opened my heart to healing and purging negativity, I got catapulted into my career. Professionally, I am now able to confidently speak with others to delegate tasks and motivate them.

So although I could still tell someone off without a second thought, that’s not me anymore. I can address professional and personal matters from a place of love. However, to get to where I am, I had to decide that I was ready to change and stop putting hurt into the world.

I hope this encourages you to fight to be different. We can always be better than who we are right now. We can change this world, by starting with the intricate parts of us that we no longer welcome.

Just remember, don’t beat yourself up. The journey won’t be perfect, and it may be tough, but you and your rough edges are more than enough.