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Sex. Energy. Cosmos. Senses.


Deep strokes. Deep throat. Sweet sounds of excitement. Candles lit. Swapping spit. Looking at your phone to see who you can hit…up. It’s one of the topics on your favorite Trap song. You got it! Sex. The most taboo subject in some religious organizations. Yet, the most sought-after activity we humans have. Or is it?


Conditioned to act and react to outside stimuli with our genitals, the world may convince you that sex is the answer to tame your woman or man, release tension headaches, or prove you are that B*. It’s common, so don’t feel judged. But is that what you really want?


Imagine sitting next to someone you can laugh, cry and be your true self with as they support you. They’re willing to comfort, tell you the truth and uplift you to be your potential, while holding you in their arms. That same person makes you feel safe. You don’t have to worry about them abusing your body and carrying on to the next. Their energy screams home. That’s one of the sexiest things out there.


Someone who has your back, instead of only calling to hit it from the back.


You may ask, “Where is that individual?” To that question, I answer, “Somewhere within you.”. It’s not a popular thought. However, I’m a believer that God, Universe, Source energy, The Cosmos, whatever you call it, will bring what ALIGNS with you. I challenge you with a question: Do you allow yourself to laugh, cry and be completely yourself without judgment? Are you able to emote without shame? Do you trust yourself with the decisions you make for you and your body? Are those decisions protecting and keep you safe? Or do you constantly quote affirmations in hopes to believe them yourself one day? When you can answer the needs you look for in others, in the same way you can for yourself, you are in alignment.


It’s okay to want sex. But I have a secret: most times you just need to be touched throughout your senses. As a practice for one week, I challenge you to do things that appease your senses. This is what I call sensual play. Touch something that feels good. Look, little nasty! I’m not talking about genitals. It can be a piece of fabric, the texture of your hair, or even your own freshly shea buttered skin. Another day, you can cook/order meals that taste good to you. What flavors please your taste buds and make your soul dance? Enjoy the smells of your favorite meals, cologne or whatever makes you feel the home inside you. Look at photos, movies, or naturistic sceneries that calms your soul. Listen to your favorite sounds.


Do this exercise for one week. I also encourage people to get familiar with their own skin and body. If you want to be touched, touch yourself. Feel like you want to have sex? Create something. I say that because your sexual energy is a creative source. Let me know how you feel after a week of this exercise.


Align the Lover in you with the Lover you desire.


If you need help getting attuned to the lover within you, I am a scheduled appointment away. You can schedule your appointment through my website: http://www.aaminahsai.com or call 813-409-2050.


Cheers to your healing,


Aaminah Sai

Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Sexologist

Cosmic Sexuality Instructor

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