ADDICTED to Hard Work

As the title of this blog insinuates, many of us are hard workers.

We work hard and are addicted to the high that comes with working and accomplishing goals. This starts to become a challenge when choosing or being chosen to be a spiritual individual. You go from being self-dependent to being spiritually led.


I sound crazy right?


Let me break it down a little further.


As an Independent woman, most are proud to have gotten that car or that house on their own. I am no exception. However, when doing this, we are seeking credit and recognition for reaching and accomplishing these goals. Whether you realize it or not, there is truth in this statement for everyone reading this and not. Not to say that this is a problem (unless you just want to flash and use material items to fill a spiritual hole), when you transition to being a spiritual being, Spirit says you are transitioning to being dependent on The Divine. This shows up differently for everyone, so whatever you may be going through, that challenge is your way of exhuming this fact. It may be harsher or easier than others, but it will be something that tests your limits.


When the challenges come up, Spirit is saying, “Everything is under control. Just believe.” This is where you have to develop your faith in the unknown, express your desires, and meditate to be aligned with your next steps. It may be challenging to trust, but please do your best. Avoid trying to resolve this on your own or trying to be “The man of the house” because our knowledge can only go so far. Also, by trying to make it go your way, you can also be unknowingly laying your trap for a setback and learning a lesson. As a spiritual being, it is not your role to solve everything, your role is to show up.


That’s it.


It sounds so simple, but it can be challenging to just trust and rely on your Divine Team.


They did not bring us here to work like slaves (I do not use this term lightly). As unbelievable as it may seem, this can cause conflict when there is something that you may be very passionate about receiving. If this is the case, you will have to continuously work on building your self-worth and confidence.


This is how tough cycles start to break and changes happen.


This allows curses to be broken and karmic cycles to end.


This is how freedom is reached.


As you work on building your personal value, express yourself to the Divine and know that at the right time, things will be revealed and fall into place.


This is simply because you are worth it.

Right before working on this blog, I was led to pull three cards from my Messenger Oracle Deck by Ravynne Phelan. If you are interested in knowing more about the deck or purchasing it, please be advised about the linked image below:


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First card: Wash Away Your Burdens


When building your trust in the unknown and transitioning from a hard worker to a spiritual being, forgive yourself and others. This habit did not just fall upon your mental; it was taught to you. So forgive those who taught you what worked for them and yourself for having to relearn your work ethic. You are surrounded by nothing but love and compassion, so show it to yourself. Cleanse your spirit by expressing all emotion and surrendering to Source. This helps you build stamina for the long run while getting closer to Spirit.


Second Card: Trust in Magic


Per Google, magic is defined as the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. Contrary to poplar belief, you DO NOT have to be evil to use magic. Your faith is magical in the sense that you are trusting in your Source, which is considered a mysterious or supernatural force to the general population, to guide you to a better life. By allowing this interrealm expression of self to reach the magical unknown (Divine, God, Universe, etc.), things start to happen in a way that you can only question, “How?!” Side note: You know how it happened; you just don’t know HOW it happened.


Third Card: Need and Necessity


This is about finding your perfect relationship balance with the spiritual realm. How does Spirit move and handle everything when not in the physical realm?


After all, SPIRIT, you follow?


Without enforcing any limitation, please understand that Spirit will only do so much. There will more often than not be actions requested of you.

How does this tie together?


  1. Acknowledge if there is an issue or situation that needs attention.
  2. If not, enjoy your day.
  3. If so, keep reading.
  4. You have to let this issue be known. Express through prayer, chant, crying, singing, etc. (whatever you need to do to connect to your source) the issue or situation and the need for a resolution. Ask to be led on the right path and to be able to acknowledge opportunities to reach the goal. I normally ask Spirit to guide my actions, and this normally results to me agreeing to something I would not have done previously (As a Pisces, my mind may be in the sky or another world while my body is here handling business. By the time I ground myself and process everything that’s happened, the solution may already be here or almost here).
  5. Meditate and believe that you will be led. In this time, pay attention to thoughts that may appear during meditation and daily life as they can be the answer you need.
  6. If the solution or action step is not internally provided right away, don’t worry. You may have just received a subconscious download. This means that the answer lies within your subconscious and will be revealed once conditions are right.


After these steps are completed, take a moment to express real gratitude for being able to share and express yourself to your Divine Team.


They just came through for you!


Be sure to stay in this mindset because subconsciously, you are being guided to people, places, things, sites, etc. that will produce your next steps and solution. When being negative, this takes the energy that was allocated to aligning you with your answer to feeling down.


Think of the phrase, “More muscles to frown.”


I pray you receive the direction you need soon.


I pray you live a life of peace, blessings, and joy.


I hope that this post gave you insight.


Much Love my Darlings.

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