Angel Letters

You’ve heard of spiritual messages being conveyed through angel numbers, spirit animals, tarot, runes, and so many other mediums. But what about angel letters? I want to share this technique I learned intuitively as I have not seen this anywhere. You are getting the exclusive and juicy details and I hope they come in handy sooner than later.

First things first, let’s break down the concept of angel letters. 


They are closely related to angel numbers and are a series of letters that you may see constantly. Anytime you notice something or someone’s presence alot, more often times than not, there is something you need to be aware of, a lesson to be learned, or a message that you need to get.


Most recently, I kept seeing the letters GMC everywhere and I was confused about why. Yes they are an American car, but I had never seen this culmination of letters so many times over a span of two days. I sought guidance from my spiritual team and this is what I was led to do. 

Using my experience, I wrote this list and broke it down. After doing so, this is what I got:




M= 13




Using basic math, if we break these numbers down, we get 7, 4, and 3.


Depending on the guidance you get intuitively, this may be enough to translate the messages you need but I was advised to break it further.  After adding everything up to the smallest digit, I ended up with the number five.


As you focus on interpreting the angel number, Google might come into play with translating the number (Googling the mean of the angel number),  but this gets to the message you need to receive. 


For me, the message was about an upcoming phase that was going to change many things about my mind, behaviors, and life.


That phase has arrived and it has allowed me to develop further as a human being, entrepreneur,  and even led to this blog.


Also, would you believe that after I was able to get the message, I stopped seeing the GMC’s everywhere? 


In short, this is another way that our spiritual team (angels, ancestors, animals, etc.) can speak to us. It may even be reversed where you get the numbers and need to translate the messages to words!


As long as you are willing to be alert and listen, you are allowing the doors for more spiritual messages to come through and guide you accordingly. Do what feels right and watch everything fall into place.


Don’t forget to bookmark and share this blog with anyone who can use this and happy communicating!


What do you think? Share your feedback below after you’ve tried this or anything that comes to mind. We’d love to hear it!

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