April 2022: New Moon in Aries

This zodiac is focused on the head, teeth, tongue, and arteries.

Welcome to the Aries new moon on April First!


As they say, April showers bring May flowers, but today is NOT the day. As we move into this new zodiac year and the second quarter of 2022, so many parts are shifting.


Firstly, many may be finding their voice. Not that it was lost, the depth was just being found. Think a teenage boy going through puberty.


As the growing pains continue and the collective is stretched beyond self-limitations, this new moon is not holding back when it comes to closure, reassessing closed cases, and moving into the new.


Deep down, you may feel the need to release, or let something go. This is good! This is the purpose of the new moon. We want to let go of anything that is taking up needed space to make room for what aligns with where we are going. Personally, I hear expectations. There may be things that should turn out a certain way, but we must remember that all will be as needed.


We need to release the urge to control or know it all. As relieving as these trivial things may seem in the moment, they are only illusions. By allowing self to stick to what can be manipulated, we are limited in an excruciating way. This prevents us from seeing a life that we’d never be able to imagine.


Waiting for results too long can discourage you. However, like fine wine, certain things or people take a little more time to age gracefully. By exercising patience, you allow for healing in much-needed areas that create the perfect environment for something extravagant. You deserve the reality you want to see, it’s very prosperous, but even banks wait before releasing a lump sum. At the end of it all, the question remains: What are you holding on to that needs to be let go?


This is a season of epiphanies and patience. You may have been waiting for your blessing for a long time, but you are being asked to wait a little longer. Your requests and desires have been recorded but this does not come without a price. That price is delay. Everything needs to align perfectly to make it work.


You may feel like you are on the verge of a miracle, and yes, you are. What you are feening for is on the brink of becoming a reality, but it will only happen in its time. It will only transition into a realization at its peak. When it’s ready, it will emerge like a phoenix from the ashes, but you must be prepared for the change.


That is what this moon’s energy brings: The realization of changes past and changes coming.


If you think of what you want to see, what do you feel is holding you back?


Be honest with yourself.


Your answer is what needs to be released.


If you said nothing is holding you back but you don’t have what you seek, or aren’t close to receiving it, go back to the drawing board, friend. You may have more work that needs to be done.


Open up to the truth.


Address any misalignments within your chakras and allow for the guidance to flow into and through you. The energy of what you desire is already among you, and it is guiding you to materialization, so trust any urgings and direction that comes your way. You are one step closer to that reality.




  • Release limiting beliefs
    • Do this by screaming them, speaking to the wind, or writing them down to burn
  • Accept the help you are receiving from the spiritual realm
  • Trust the guidance that is being planted within through downloads and urges
  • Be open to the energetical transmogrification that is around you
  • Accept it. It’s already yours.
  • Allow yourself to revel in it
  • Trust that you will see it
  • Watch it materialize


Closing Messages:


Everything you have ever hoped for is emerging faster than you think. The different layers and lessons you have learned over the past few years, especially the past year, have served as the miniscule details that make the overall picture of what you are manifesting. It is catching speed and moving in the right direction.


Think of the various parts of a bicycle. Individually, they make very odd pieces, but together, they become a fast-moving vehicle that get you to your destination sooner.


Man or woman, life is within you. Your manifestations are based on what you see in your mind’s eye and when you allow that to be your driving force, there is no way you can’t win. Every tear and experience has been recorded in the final picture and they will be worth the patience you have had to display all this time.


Be confident in the reality you are ready to see. It is closer than you think and sneaking up quickly. Be sure that you are certain on what you want and ready for the radical shift your heart has created.


Peace be with you love. May you continue to create fantasies out of your reality and see them come true.

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