April 2022: New Moon in Taurus

This zodiac is focused on the neck, vocal cords, throat, and thyroid.

It’s time to strengthen that throat chakra and express yourself! If you are experiencing issues in these areas, you are being asked to pay attention to this new moon and the messages it has for you. Keep reading.


The past few months have been asking the collective to release what is no longer serving us while calling in what we desire. This new moon is no different. We are building on that energy and allowing life to be transformed in the process.


Within this season, you may have noticed guidance being brought to your front door. It may have shown up as being led to specify what you want or taking the steps needed to understand what that truth looks like for you. This is necessary for an alignment with the Divine. That signifies reaching a happy medium of organization within your feelings to step into the higher vibrations of what is right for you.


You are perfecting the flow of manifestation and learning how to materialize an energetical reality. This, in turn, brings stability. By closing old toxic cycles, a realignment is happening that prevents the need to repeat low vibrational patterns. With your foundation already built, this step results in finding long term footing and elevating in self-worth.


You are in an initiation. Think of it as the final series of tests to prove that you are ready for the next phase or role. This is something that can not be stopped. It’s coming whether you like it or not, however, your actions in this time determine whether you are ready to move forward or experience a recap of the lessons you should’ve learned thus far.


At the end of the day, the real question is are you loyal to yourself or to the toxicity? Where does your faithfulness lie?




Now is not the time to choose to be stagnant. The portals are opening to allow for an eclectic jump into your future. By taking advantage of this fast-moving change, you will experience magnificent shifts before their time. If you choose to learn the hard way, be prepared to face arduous repetition of preceding lessons. Do you want your challenges now or later?


Here are a few thought-provoking prompts to send you in the right direction:


  • What do I want?
  • What is holding me back?
  • What can I do about these blockages?
  • What actions can I take, no matter how uncomfortable they make me feel, to reach the next level?


More questions can be found in the free eBook: Stepping into your Empress Energy


After meditating on these questions and reaching the conclusions that are waiting for you, it is time to raise your vibration. To do this, pamper yourself. Think of your favorite pastimes and pursue them. Allow yourself to feel good in the truth of acknowledging what has been holding you back and finding the solution to move forward. During the next full moon, we will review the results of the intentions that have been set.


Closing Message:


Taurus is known as one of the hardest workers in the zodiac. What needs to get done will happen without hesitation because the bull did not come to play! Although known to be the main attraction in bullfighting, if one of them gets out the pen, watch what happens. Everyone in its path runs away in astonishment as this being shows its power, just by living. The same applies to you. You are fertile and respectable. You are building a generation, nay, an everlasting nation, with your existence.


By being yourself, enemies tremble at your feet and run away once they are aware of your presence. You are no longer being underestimated as you are continuously stepping into your power, and it shows. Every fiber of your spiritual, energetical, emotional, and physical states are aligning into this realm. This means that the reality you intuitively feel is showing up in every way, including in the physical. You will no longer have to hold on to the energies of a dream, it is materializing so you can touch and see what has not been.


Hold on tight to the reality you want to see and know that it will not turn out the way you imagined, but better. Believe that you will have what has been seen in your mind’s eye and wait for it to manifest beyond your wildest dreams. By doing so, you have made way for a future designed for you.


You have been given the key to prosperity and it is all yours.


Time to say goodbye to the fisherman from the last cycle!

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