August 2022: Full Moon in Aquarius

This zodiac focuses on the calf, shin, ankles, and Achilles tendon.

For a sign known for its abrasiveness, being short, and full of confusion, this full moon in Aquarius has an open heart and mind. I mean, the throat chakra on the energies this cycle are showing out in the most amazing ways. It’s almost as if they are sending love letters.


Intuitively, I’m getting a stoic vibe. Many of you may be or are dealing with individuals who are stone cold or closed off to you, the ‘typical’ aquarian energy. However, these individuals are misunderstood. Of course, they have the harsh personalities to the outside world, but they are some of the most loving individuals. The problem is, they may not know how to express themselves. At times they try, but it may not live up to your ‘standards’ or you don’t even notice it.


This can be very painful when emotions are running high, and the communication styles are different, but this is what they have to say:


“Don’t give up (on me). The truth will be uncovered and heard. The blind folds and blockages are being removed.”


Now is a time for you to stand in front of the mirror and see the outcome of your actions. If you are wanting to gain something, are you ready? If it was to fall into your lap, would you feel at ease to maintain it moving forward? If so, why? If not, why? Aquarius is calling your bluff. Will you let him?


It’s a matter of understanding that what you seek, is ready for you but you must also be on the same page. This is no time for games, but to step into that energy and move forward…. So, are you really ready?


If there are negative thoughts holding you back, this is the time to release those storylines. You are being divinely guided and protected, however, so are your desires. Balance is needed at this time to make them come to pass.


You are being awakened and advised of what has been brewing in the spiritual realm and it is time for you to understand the reality of where you are. Do not ignore what is coming up. Listen to your thoughts and meditate or journal through the uncomfortable feelings. Understand that you are valuable and stronger than you think. You are attracting everything you seek, even if you do not see it. They want you and are on the way to you.


But do you have a fear of experiencing good things, being vulnerable, or looking crazy to others? The energies can relate. The messages from those supporting you, are the same. Amidst these times, you have to learn to expect the unexpected and use your imagination. Everything will find its way to you. It is screaming and crying its way to you through wish fulfillment, balance, and doors opening.


All you have to do is accept the guidance that this full moon in Aquarius brings. Although misunderstood, there is a lot to give and as long as you are ready, it will be yours.  

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