August 2022: New Moon in Virgo

Constellation of Virgo

This zodiac is focused on the pancreas, small intestine, and digestive tract

Salutations, savvy reader, to the new moon in Virgo.


Before you dive into the energies this cycle, I recommend reviewing the Full Moon in Virgo we experienced in March. Do you recall your experiences at that time?


Take a second to remember where you were.


As the current energies reveal hidden truths, you may realize goals need to be reassessed. Ask yourself if YOU are allowing the process to be easy…. or nah? Are you ignoring where you are being led or straying away from unnecessary challenges?


As a collective, we are being asked to avoid making things harder than they need to be. As we elevate, this can be a hard habit to break. It is easy to dwell on expectations and what “should be,” so many of us choose to assume that the current state of affairs is how life should be daily. However, it is causing us to sign up for needless suffering.


We need to understand that waiting for something magical to fall into our laps is illogical. It is time to find new strategies that help us stop depending on external sources to satisfy internal desires.


If you have not accomplished your goal, it is time to reassess if you are taking steps in the right direction or are being unreasonable in your approach.


It is possible that what you have yearned for is being held back by the past. Stop letting these limitations hold you back from the reality you want to see. There are endless possibilities waiting, and subconsciously, you are already aware of how to reach your version of this complete happiness.


If you are doubting, I implore you to believe that time will reveal the truth. Your desires are or will start showing up expeditiously. So much so, it may feel like there is too much good happening at one time. What is owed to you will start appearing, following divine transformation. You are being taught how to tap into the resources within you, while expanding and cultivating them.


This is the time of becoming aware of your gifts. Enjoy this journey of becoming balanced and developed. Once more, your presence is transforming, being adorned in fertility (on every level) and becoming resourceful. It is time to take the knowledge you’ve learned and start applying it.


Let it all flow. Do not hold onto anything bad. This is the time to process and let go of anything that does not align with where you are headed. If you are not sure on how to proceed, ask for guidance and trust that all will happen at the right time. There are forces beyond your understanding assisting with the transitions.


Watch your life become great on purpose.

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