Aaminah Sai

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The Trap Goddesss LLC

THE TRAP GODDESSS LLC Est. 2020 “You know when you look in the mirror and realize you got the juice”   What’s up y’all! My name is Jacquie Verbal, nowadays, everybody calls me “Trap” because of my brand, The Trap Goddesss LLC. It’s so crazy because I started my business on 4.20.2020 with much intentionContinue reading “The Trap Goddesss LLC”

“Watch what you pay attention to”

WATCH WHAT YOU PAY ATTENTION TO When I think about a blog, I think of people just sharing whatever comes to their minds, and honestly, that is exactly what it is. When creating my own blog, I wondered, what could I have to say that would interest other people? Then I realized, although I haveContinue reading ““Watch what you pay attention to””