"I hear Spirit telling me that it was for a reason, but when the challenges start to show up unbothered, I get bothered."

My goal is to not post too many blogs within a short timeframe, but this couldn’t wait.


Within the past five minutes, I was literally at a crossroads asking for guidance on how to proceed.

The human part of me fell upon an opportunity that would solve my issues within a substantial timeframe of about two to three months. The spiritual realm was coming for me saying that it was not the way to go, but if I chose to do so, not only would I be taking a few steps back, I wouldn’t find much fulfillment when I finally reached my destination.


As childish as this may sound, all I could do was cry.

For years, it’s been a matter of moving two steps forward and ten steps back, but tonight I found out why and I will get into that a little later.


All I could do was cry because for the past year, I have been experiencing consistent spiritual detoxes and challenges, one after the other. I hear Spirit telling me that it was for a reason, but when the challenges start to show up unbothered, I get bothered.


I understand that I was created to be a Lightworker and make a change in this world, but WHY do I have to go through all the heartache and pain?


Why do I have to be the one to be thrown over a ledge and figure out how to get to safety?


Needless to say, Spirit brought up the promises and equity that I have built up.

These challenging experiences were not to make me feel bad. They were to help me grow and remove traits that no longer served me and the people that I was sent to help. They were the growing pains that have helped me to elevate to my current level of vibration, and the levels that I am soon reaching.


They were necessary to help me become stronger spiritually to be able to fight for myself and my tribe, the people that look to me for support, motivation, and guidance.

So after expressing myself, I chose to continue to follow the call.


As challenging as it may be right now, as I said this literally just happened, I choose to believe.


I choose to believe the promises that Spirit has for me.


I choose to believe that I was led to sell my car for a reason.


I choose to believe that letting that income contract go was the best thing for me to do.


I am no longer at a crossroads; I choose to be on the path that I was led to be on.


I am choosing to not have to face this challenge again.


I am choosing to believe that this feeling of abundance is real.


I am choosing to believe that my faith will be honored.


I have chosen to be on the path less chosen and I know that with all that I have learned, I will be able to turn this path out.


It will be beautiful.


It will be full of sunshine and will no longer be seen in a negative light. It will become the road frequently traveled by my tribe and it will be full of support and motivation along the way to make sure that my people get to the other side without a scratch.


To wrap this up, let me tell you why we experience certain patterns in different scenarios.


When you do not allow yourself to be connected and led by your intuition, you allow yourself to be short changed. Of course we all have free will, but when you choose to go against your intuition, you end up in a dead end. The road may be long, the path and the blessings may seem endless, but eventually you will have to turn back.


You will have to face every experience again and decide on how you want to proceed.


Living in a society that ignores the spiritual realm, this is the norm for many people.


But it is NOT normal.


You get back to the main path and as you start to move forward, you run into dead ends and cul-de-sacs over and over until you run out of road and have no choice but to continue on the correct path.


For many people, they get to make it.


For others, they die trying.


I have no idea on how you want your story to end, but as a spiritual woman, I know that the delayed gratification and painful tears are worth it when being led by the Divine.


Your equity grows and eventually, you will be able to redeem those tickets tenfold.


It doesn’t sound fun, but think about it, would you prefer to be that one driver running out of gas on an unknown street, or have a full tank headed to your destination?


Much Love My Peeps.


You are not alone.


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