February 2022: Full Moon in Leo

This zodiac is focused on the heart, aorta, blood pressure, and circulation.

Welcome to the zany and eccentric month of February!

Although the month is halfway through, the energies have been strong with this one!


For the Cancer full moon in January, one of the tips for stepping into your personal power was, “Don’t fall in love with the first result. If it’s not up to par, you have the power to make and manifest better.” While meditating on the current energies, I noticed that this month was a buildup of that.

When the word, “Leo” comes up, I instantly think of lions. Lions represent strength, passion, leadership, power, a mighty presence, and humbleness. Think Aslan from “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.” Lions don’t take mess from anyone, and although they are not the biggest or fastest animal in nature, they are known as the Lion King, aka King of the Jungle. All in all, a lion gets things done, with a pack, or alone.


As we marinate in this energy of being go-getters and creating the change that is desired, it may make you pause and reassess everything.

Let’s dive into it:

This current lunar cycle is asking us to take a genuine assessment on progress made towards any intentions set in the past.

As each focus point comes to fruition or makes way for deeper understanding, the question remains- where are you settling? What areas in your life are being held back from reaching their truest potential? What are you refusing to address or choosing to lower your standards in?


This full moon brings more clarity to the situation through a subtle voice that offers new and more fulfilling opportunities. This can only be done by exploring what is uncomfortable and understanding that the time to give up has not arrived and will never arrive because you are so close.

Now is the time to drop all illusions of being comfortable. Up until now, you may have felt like you’ve been on a long and exasperating journey, but this is necessary for the baby steps that are being made toward your outcome. 

What is the outcome?

The release of everything and everyone that is NOT aligned. Reaching calmer waters and internal balance. A new and higher level of insight, illumination, and discovery. Path alignment and being more open and susceptible to new beginnings. Living your dream, not an illusion.


Imagine buying a product because of its quality and the many uses it offers. What if these reasons for purchasing the product were sub-par and your needs were not being met…


Would you not feel upset or disappointed?

The same applies in life. Your soul is on this earth, ready to fulfill a contract and reach its full potential, but instead you choose to follow your own way, established in fear. Until the issue is resolved, uncertainty lies ahead, and your soul can not be at peace until that urging is satisfied.

How to combat this:

  • Trust in what is NOT seen
  • Complete any necessary tasks
  • Release fear and worry
  • Accept what is
  • Prepare yourself for what you want to receive
  • Make decisions
  • Stick to those decisions
  • Visualize what you want to see
  • Allow for stability to come in
  • Trust the process
  • Embrace and step into your power
  • Process and heal from negative connotations that can affect energy or mind opening
  • Go for it!

Last but not least, understand that being stubborn is not working in your favor. It is recommended that you accept any challenges that appear. This helps to remove any blockages that represent stagnation or unresolved energies that need to be released and closed out.


Expand your mind with this exercise:


  1. Read and/or write what you want 3x a day
  2. Think about it often
  3. Don’t talk about this with anyone
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