February 2022: New Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius zodiac sign
This zodiac focuses on the calf, shin, ankles, and achilles tendon.

For the past month, we have been releasing burdens from 2021 and earlier. As we step into this next period, we are being asked to address homely matters and concerns. Since your life at home determines your progress and your biggest dreams can be destroyed when peace is not reached within, this new moon phase gives an invitation to assess life internally and in your edificial dwelling.

So far, we have been in a cycle of giving and receiving spiritually and now the details are being perfected. Think of an artist who has to wait for a painting to dry before adding miniscule, yet powerful, details. You are the painting, and you are receiving an enhancement in this next month. Allow yourself to focus on what you want and trust that it will pay off soon. You are in the process of birthing something beautiful and the pains may seem unbearable, but they will be worth it!


Dive into any issues that stand out to you. You can use the following questions as a guide:

  • What could possibly be preventing peace and success?
  • What is lowering your vibes, or good feelings?
  • Are you in any unhealthy environments?
  • Are these environments or anything else serving as an escape, or do you feel that you need to escape?
  • What are you lying to yourself about?
  • Are there any aspects of life that you are not being realistic in?

Once you have reached the answers needed for this exercise, take a moment to step into nature (even if this means stepping outside your front door) and express yourself to the wind, the outside air. You can take the time to journal, but if you do so, read this excerpt into the essence of nature.


There are plenty of riches in store for you. A major transformation is up ahead but it requires being in complete alignment with yourself, your environment, and loved ones. Address any issues that may have been ignored for some time or that have arisen in the recent past. By doing so, you are setting yourself up for success to be freely accessible to the blessings and answers that are coming your way. Last but not least, let us get specific and focus on the intentions we want to set for this next month:

  • Set routine intentions
  • Set intentions based on what has come to your attention
  • Determine solutions for the problems you have noted above
  • Speak this into nature
  • Be aware of what happens or any messages that come up in the imminent days
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