January 2022: Capricorn Super New Moon

This zodiac is focused on the backbone, joints, knees, skin, and hair.


Symbolized by the goat, Capricorn forces us to look at areas of our lives and selves that may be held back because of stubbornness. This tension and weight can be emphasized in the body parts mentioned above. As we focus on who we are becoming and what we have learned in the past year, it is important to take these next few days to release any fears associated with stepping out of our comfort zones and/or giving to people and desires we need to invest in more.


The moon will hit its peak early afternoon on Sunday, January 2, 2022, so it is recommended to complete the following tasks as you are led to do so.

Release Ritual

  • Take the time to date and write a letter to your future self on where you currently stand. Take note of the good and bad you’ve experienced in the year and any lessons you have learned. Add anything you may want to remember a year from now. Put this letter in a safe place because we will refer to it in a year.
  • On another piece of paper, write a list or letter of everything you are afraid of. Include any and everything that you feel may have held you back in the past year, or in life. No matter how insignificant it may seem, write EVERYTHING DOWN.
  • Once everything is written on this second sheet, it’s time to surrender it all to your belief system and spiritual team. This can be done by releasing the paper into the ocean or any other body of water, flushing it, or just pouring water on it outside. Be intentional with this step. You are releasing everything that has held you back and are stepping into this next year with less baggage.
  •  You can take this a step further by burning a candle while compiling your list, taking a cleansing shower or bath after releasing your fears, scrubbing your skin, or doing stretches that open your body to receiving healing and downloads.

Setting Intentions

Moving forward, the fun part is to actually set intentions and goals. Since this is the beginning of the year, many people tend to set New Year’s Resolutions, but unfortunately, that ritual is not supported here.

We set goals that will be worked towards in the year and each month. We focus on setting actionable steps and seeing them through. Take the time to set intentions for the next few months and any goals you want to accomplish in the year.

Add one scary activity to your list.

What is something you have been scared to do but have been waiting for the courage to do so?

Visualize this courage now, washing over you.

By releasing what was holding you back, you made space for what actually serves you and it is with you now.

It is already yours.

So let go of all your inhibitions and DO IT!

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