January 2022: Full Moon in Cancer

This zodiac sign is focused on the stomach, mucous membranes, breasts, womb, and ovaries.

Since this season is emphasized with the symbolism of a crab, we must remember to let go of everything that brings extreme comfort. This allows us to flow with our surroundings and downloaded spiritual communications. We must release the baggage that is taking up much-needed space.

This season asks to acknowledge personal desires, emotions, anxieties, and thoughts. These thoughts may have resurfaced from childhood or from another place of vulnerability. Regardless of the origin, these ideas can lead to expansive growth as they are explored. As stated many times before, even the word impossible, says I’m Possible. There’s nothing we cannot do. If we think, dream, or envision something, it can happen. However, we have to see the end result.

The moment we visualize another reality for ourselves, it can happen… But what is the alignment with that idea? Does it consume you? Do you understand that you are limitless, or does that thought occur only when you’re in a certain environment? As we continue to gain spiritual insight on these different matters, we become competent enough to accept that there is a spiritual team working for us and are WAITING to help make dreams come true. When you accept the reality of your limitless nature, this lets your team support and teach that fantasies, as long as they don’t bring harm to anyone, should become a reality, not just a thought.

Furthermore, the truth starts to show that life is not only about reaching goals in the physical realm. We are here to leave the world in a better state than when we initially came to it. Financial, physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetical goals are just practices that allows us to tap into our personal power and learn lessons that allow us to grow into our true selves. Once we master most of these lessons, we are put in a position to share this information in our respective communities, whether that’s in a particular region, or globally.

We have free will, however, understand that we are accountable for our actions at the end of it all. As an evolving species, we should continue to expand and never be stagnant. At the end of our journey on this earth, will we have accomplished the mission of sharing this obtained information with those that need and can expand on it, or are we going to let the trials and lessons die with us? Are we willing to allow the next generation to go through the same trials and tribulations or will we give them the opportunity to start at a higher vibration and expand on what we experienced?

Image fo the Cancer Zodiac Symbol, a crab
Tips for Tapping into your Personal Power:
  • Acknowledging the fruits of each message. This leads to the beginning of change.
  • Understand that there’s nothing you can’t do
  • Let go of the “Ohhhh, it was almost mine…” mentality. What is yours will find you.
  • Realize that you are being led to conquer what is truly yours and allows you to grow, however, this requires being pushed out of the comfort zone.
  • Accept that elevation only happens through shadow work. Think “One BIG STEP for mankind”
  • Recognize that this can all be delayed by fear and hesitation towards the unknown.
  • Welcome the ideas that fear should be the fuel, not the blockage.
  • STOP accepting what comes your way and START making things happen.
  • No more thinking small. Don’t let your comfort zone hold you back from your rising potential.
  • Don’t fall in love with the first result. If it’s not up to par, you have the power to make and manifest better.
  • If you need guidance with processing thoughts, ask yourself:
    • What is the reality I want to see?
    • Do I believe in it?
    • Do I believe it can and will happen?
    • Do I believe that this reality can be mine?
    • Do I believe that I am aligned with this dream and that I am worthy of it?

As our spiritual knowledge increases, Spirit is waiting for us to collaborate. This ignites untapped potential that is waiting for us to “Dive In”. Here are some follow up activities from the Super Moon we experienced earlier in the month:

  • Get updates on the progress that has been made since the new moon
  • Follow up with stepping out of your comfort zone and acknowledge how it made you feel
  • Make any necessary adjustments that allow for stepping out of the comfort zone and reaching goals that may have been missed by the end of the month
  • Activate the lower chakras

Allow yourself to be a part of this journey, not a barrier. 

Check out the following exercises to help activate your lower chakras:

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