July 2022: Super Full Moon in Capricorn

This zodiac is focused on the backbone, joints, knees, skin, and hair

Six months ago, we experienced the Super New Moon in Capricorn. Check out this blog to get updated, or refreshed, on the energies at that time. Fast forward to the present, we are in a period of research after getting skilled in more complex tools and being able to feel through additional barriers.


As a continuation of last week’s Dark Night of the Soul reading, we are in a time that asks us to review lessons learned. This is a calibration, a revisiting of plans, to make changes according to what has been discovered over the past few months. The game plan needs to be updated.


For my visual readers, the best way to explain this journey is like a rollercoaster, lurching its riders in different directions. With the various sensations produced, it is an astronomical reminder to revisit decisions or processes that could lead to improvement towards a desired outcome.


In a way, this full moon is asking you to jump backwards to lurch forward. This helps with gaining needed confidence and power for future strides. Now is the time to surrender and allow for protection and stable footing to be detected. Let wisdom and proof of advancing adorn you. You are reaching your peak, like a gibbous moon.


Between now and the new moon in Leo, expect major changes. Alignment is happening and the fruition of your deepest desires are coming to pass. You are receiving the prize because it is racing to you.


We don’t always know the extent of anyone’s journey when they say they are on the way, but we trust that they will arrive. Same applies here. You have to trust that what you want is on its way without hesitation, even if you don’t see how.


Think about it:


Be honest about the desires of your heart and how they make you feel.


What fears do you have?


How are you feeding these fears with your thoughts or actions?


Where do you need to establish boundaries with others, or yourself?


What are you telling yourself?


Are you using good or bad affirmations?


What are you attracting?


Take the time to pay attention to your thoughts and indulge in productive visualizations. Meditate on lessons you’ve learned in the past six months.


Let go of anything that is no longer working for you as you aim for your goals.


Acknowledge where fears may be showing up in your body and release them.


Prepare to celebrate! Your goal is upon you! You are reaching stability and fearlessness.


Anything that may have caused you fear before will be forgotten as you conquer them.


Key Takeaways:


  • Embrace your desired reality today (claim that title or life today, i.e., I am a graduate, etc.)


  • Do not give into fear


Keep the desired reality in mind when things aren’t going so well

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