June 2022: Full Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius Zodiac and Constellation Sign
This zodiac is focused on the liver, hips, thighs, and sacrum.

Hello my Divine Beings!


How are you feeling this full moon? As the energy of this cycle expands, let’s explore those feelings and emotions you may not be able to put into words just yet…


This is the time for your desires to deepen. You may be recognizing that any intentions set from before, especially the Gemini New Moon, runs deeper than you initially thought. As this truth penetrates your core, time is asking you to assess progress made and adjust accordingly.


If you are not seeing anything happen in the physical, it is because changes are still happening in the spiritual and energetical realms. This means more patience is required to reach your goal as what is accomplished in heaven is witnessed on earth. What you seek must reach its spiritual and energetical maturity so it can appear before you.


Trust is being asked of the collective. As you are led to the next level, you will not be able to see the end result, but you must believe that it is all working out. Surrendering to the journey and unknown is imperative at this time.


On this voyage, you are gaining grace, valor, beauty, and refinement to what makes you and your soul shine. You are becoming a better version of your current best self. You are finding and becoming one with your flow and reaching the impossible. This is only done through tapping into the Divinely guided wisdom that lies within. History is being made as you align with this new vibration and change for the better.


If an energy of feeling incomplete or insufficient tries to force you away from this truth, push it away. Release it and allow it to disappear as quickly as it came because you are worthy of unconditional blessings and love.


Closing Affirmations:


  • I will take actions towards my goals to reach the lifestyle I deserve.
  • My crown slips sometimes, and it is only a reminder to realign my mind, body, and spirit
  • I embrace the opportunity to learn from my mistakes
  • Today, I will experience the abundance of life that my ancestors fought for
  • My aura emits and attracts all that is meant for me


Be well, take aim, and experience the fullness of life my loves!

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