June 2022: New Moon in Cancer (Previously titled Leo)

This zodiac is focused on the heart, aorta, blood pressure, circulation, stomach, mucosa, breast, womb, and ovaries.

Update: Such a fiery energy is being drawn out of us at this time and it asks us to be transparent and blunt with ourselves.

Although not the new moon in Leo, what is Leo energy asking of you in this cancer season? What do you need to start preparing now for next season? It’s not as far as you’d like to think and it is preparing us for something big. Tap into your intuition and feelings and allow yourself to be led in the way you should go.

“I can see everything I’ve dreamed of.”

Can you relate to this statement?


Why? Why not?


What is missing and why?


The lion spirit animal goes for what it wants without hesitation. They incorporate wise delay to assess the situation and develop their strategy. They understand that there is power in numbers, even when they are seen as the “King of the jungle.”


It’s a doozy because they are not the biggest or fastest animal, yet they radiate royalty, strength, and power. Once their mind is made up, it’s time to go. No matter how big or small a goal or obstacle is, they will do what needs to be done.


At this time, you are being asked to step into this energy. You are being divinely guided to your goal, so you should expect nothing but success. There is no other way. You are destined to make it. You have all that you need to win. You are the powerhouse. You don’t need to do anything better. You are enough.


You are learning what comes naturally to you, but very challenging to others. You are supported, protected, and surrounded by angels and other high vibrating spiritual beings that have your best interests at heart.


Pace yourself and allow patience to be your priority, for you are destined to win.


Questions to ask yourself:


  1. What do I feel is holding me back?
  2. What differences do I want to see?
  3. What actions am I willing to take?
  4. What is making me feel down or low energy?
  5. How do I change that?


After writing this all down, you can burn the paper or let it sit in the sun. After imagining its essence being surrendered to the heavens, gather the ashes, or ball up the paper and plant it in the ground as a seed.


After releasing all that is not for you, set your intentions, what do you want to accomplish? Create actionable steps and surrender the outcome, believing that it can turn out greater than you can ever imagine.

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