The Last Quarter Moon

The weeks of July 18th to August 2nd is asking us to release what does not serve us. 

We are in the energy of the last quarter moon, and this requires a self-emancipation from hindrances.


For many, this list can be endless, including anything from insecurities, doubts, or self-sabotaging behaviors to blockages that have been revealed in the recent past. Regardless of what has been coming up, following the desire to let go of bad things opens the doors to receive what belongs to us, in every sense of the word.


In addition to releasing baggage, this time allows us to recalibrate ourselves and our energies with the Divine to reach a new level of freedom and certainty about the unknown, manifest more deeply, further develop our skills with handling and calling in more positive energy, and align with the higher self, AKA the love of the universe.


Through this release ritual, you can free yourself from blockages and self-imposed limitations, break barriers, intertwine with the spiritual realm, and develop current and new skills, gifts, and talents.


You are favored, Divine One, and through this healing journey, you are allowing yourself to walk into your breakthrough smoothly.

Step One: What do you need to release?


Trust in this moment and process. Write down anything that comes to mind, no matter how big or small.

Remember, we release and that allows us to receive.


Step Two: Surrender


As easy as this may sound, this requires absolute dedication.

To being, think about what natural element are you most attracted to. Is it water, air, or land?

Depending on what comes to mind, try to get yourself in this environment.


                                                 If you are unable to be there physically, visualize the next part:


Feel the grass in between your toes, feel the wind in your hair, or hear the water crashing against the shore.


Make sure you have the paper from Step One with you. Whether mentally or verbally, surrender each thing to this element. Read everything that came to mind that no longer serves you and is ready to go.


The more passion or emotion, the better… However, focus on doing what feels right.


Once you do this, throw the sheet in the trash can closest to you, visualize yourself throwing it into the element, or burn it.


This is your final act of surrendering. This is the door being shut and destroyed once and for all.


Step Three: Meditate


After you do this, take a moment to just breathe and release any effects these behaviors may have had on your body.

Release the pains in your body and surrender them to the Divine. Do some meditating and allow nature to give you everything you need in this moment.


Stay here as long as you feel led to and visualize every item and energy on that list being taken away from your person.

Once ready to go, ground yourself and continue through the rest of your day.


Step Four: Be Aware


In the coming days and weeks, notice what happens around you. Notice any changes in your behavior and the other issues previously released and be grateful. Remember, this does not happen overnight, but by doing this releasing ritual, you are allowing a force stronger than yourself lead you in the best direction fit for your life.


Sending Love, Positivity, and Light.


Cheers to becoming your best self!

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