March 2022: Full Moon in Virgo

This zodiac is focused on the pancreas, small intestine, and digestive tract.

If you notice any overactive symptoms in these areas, these messages may be for you. Virgo, the logical overthinker. The one who’s always trying to figure it out and have it all together before the first step is even taken. The one who needs everything to make sense. Welcome to your season. As we dive deeper into this lunar cycle, we have to take the time to acknowledge the foundation on which we currently stand. As this full moon shines in a mutable sign, we may find what once felt like the best idea changing. Those that we have become familiar with over time has changed and is making way for a new perspective.


Ideas and people that were constant at one point may be no longer be the same and this asks us to open our minds and change our point of view.


The energy of this full moon helps us ask questions on why certain things and people are the way that they are. Not that we need to change them, but to accept reality and use it to build a more realistic present and future. We are being shaken to make sure that our beliefs align with where we are going and to confirm the changes that need to be made.


Think having everything you’ve ever known be proven wrong or not fully accurate. That can literally be earth-shattering and eye-opening. That is the embodiment of this full moon in Virgo.


What is the reason behind certain beliefs? What is the why behind it and is it something that you will always be loyal to?


Regardless of your response, now is the time to water any seeds that may have been planted or need tending. Not only is healing happening on a deeper level, you also have the opportunity to move forward in a way that may not have always been accessible, thus contributing to endless possibilities.  


Instinctively, you may feel like something is unresolved and requires your attention. Follow this feeling and allow for unknown truths and understanding to rain down on you. It may carry the feeling of disappointed but no longer will you live under that lingering sense of being uncomfortable.


Be gentle with yourself in this time. Rest may be seeking you more often and it’s ok to allow yourself to enjoy this more. Enjoy your prosperity and the release of what no longer aligns. This is the moment of transformation where you are stepping into a life you may have never seen coming, and that’s ok. You are where you need to be.


You have everything you need to be successful moving forward. Within your complex and exquisite self, the answers lie dormant, wanting and waiting for the opportunity to be free and known to your subconscious. This may not make sense to others, but intuitively, you know the truth. It is being transformed on many levels to allow you to process and become one with the reality you want to see. Your dreams are coming true, even if you are unable to understand what is going on around you, and doors are opening, allowing for light to shine in those dark corners.


So the question is: What do you want to see and how do you plan on making it happen?

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