March 2022: New Moon in Pisces

This zodiac is focused on the feet, toes, and pineal gland.

This new moon cycle may have you feeling conflicted. Whether it’s with making a decision or one that was made in the past, you may be at a crossroads with head over heart and not know how to proceed. That’s ok. You are exactly where you need to be in this time.


Clarity is being rained on you through downloads and although it doesn’t make sense right now, it’s all going to make sense soon. In the meantime, follow your thoughts and feelings. Don’t allow them to have the final say but allow them to reveal some inner truths you may have been seeking for some time.


Be gentle with yourself in this time. Pisces are known for deep thoughts and emotions that dwell in another galaxy and can only be clarified by a select few. As you go through the motions, you are showing that you deserve to be in this selection and without a doubt, understanding will be had. You may find yourself traveling through space and time and interacting with those that are not near physically, this is to be expected. You are defying the laws of space and time, and this is the time to take advantage of it.


Allow yourself to be soaked into the energies that have your highest good in mind and allow yourself to be happy, regardless of what may be seen in the physical realm. Everything is working out in your favor and although you may not understand it now, everything is going to make sense at the right time. I cannot emphasize this enough.


The truth, energies, and good vibes that you are seeking are also seeking you.


You may be feeling like you are out of your comfort zone and that is to be expected. This is mandatory at this time because there is a certain level of elevation that is being asked of you. Allow yourself to be guided by higher thoughts and release the lower vibrations that may try to overwhelm you.


Don’t allow the current reality to slow you down. What is seen and felt can easily be changed but it is up to you to grab hold of the Divine messages that are being shared and allow them to lead.


In short, your soul is crying out to you, hoping that you will listen to what is being said. You may feel urges that are against everything you may have believed or pursued up until now.


What are they telling you? What are they asking for? Do your feelings align?


Now is not the time to fight. It’s the time to listen and allow your higher self to guide you accordingly. Allow your crying soul to help you navigate through the deep emotional waters at this time to bring you to the surface. This time is not permanent and to move forward, you need to listen.


Let go of the idea of being wrong. As long as you are being guided by your higher self, or God, you are on the right track. Your intuition is speaking to you through your emotions and feelings so don’t ignore them. Let go of any fear and/or disbelief towards your inner guidance. You know what is best for you, even if it’s not consciously. If things aren’t perfect, it’s because challenges were necessary to align you with the reality you wanted or want to see. Don’t give up on your goal or allow fear to stop you from reaching.


Deep down you may feel as if you cannot trust yourself because of the past but have you not grown? Have you not learned your lessons? Release the pain. Let go of anything that is no longer serving you. Separate yourself and let the tears flow. Allow yourself to hear and feel the calling within. Play music that calls to you and journal. Open your heart and take a cleansing bath and allow the music and water to clean your energetic field.

Setting Intentions:

Open your mind to limitless possibilities. As a human, you are limited to what you’ve experienced or heard in this lifetime. That is only the surface. Spiritually, possibilities are endless, and you are worthy of one that is beneficial to you. Accept this truth and believe that it is coming to you. After you get in this mindset, write down what you want to see within the next few days, weeks, months, and years. Believe that if you will it and work for it, it will be yours.


Speak these desires aloud. Make them real.


After these steps are completed, celebrate! Your desires are already in the works and are coming to you. Be grateful for the reality you are manifesting and trust that the signs you see and the messages you hear are confirmations and directions that are guiding you to what is already yours.

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