May 2022: Full Moon in Scorpio

This zodiac is focused on the genitals, anus, urethra, and prostate.

Welcome to the lighter energies of 2022!


It may have been heavy for you as we release the wiles of 2021 and before, but we made it! As we shift into this grounded energy, the current mercury retrograde is lighter this time around. It doesn’t hold the same overbearing energies it is known to have so I don’t know about you, but I can breathe!


This cycle is about reinforcing the balance we have been gaining over the course of the past few weeks. Our desires are gaining momentum! What this means is you may be seeing, or feeling, your dreams and visions materialize in your physical reality. Your deepest prayers are being answered and this can come about with no explanation.


This is proof of how limitless you are.


You have literally been taking spiritual and energetical ideals and transitioning them into reality. Whether conscious or not, acknowledge this newfound power and trust that it will guide you as you continue to find your way.


With so many doors leading to the desired results, it is up to you to keep your mind and heart open. You should not allow your life to be limited to your current stories. Be open to new narratives that support your highest good. By doing this, you are fueling the uncovering and unblocking of truths that may be unbeknownst to you.


This creates an alignment for stepping into your passion and the best parts of life. Even if this is still in the works, all you are being asked to do in this moment is believe.


You are being given permission to act and allow for your intentions to come into fruition. So, release the negative expectations and believe in what you feel.

I know you’re looking at this image all confused-like. Let me explain. I lived in South Florida for most of my life and as I was tapping into the energies for this lunar cycle, this is what came to mind. At the 163rd mall in Miami, there is an escalator that goes from the first floor up to the third.


In this mall, you get the chance to skip a level and if you’ve never experienced something like this, it can pique your interest. Currently, you are on a spiritual escalator. You are being aligned with your new reality, developing the all-knowing within you, and are aligning with your soul’s path and destiny.


Doors are opening and you are becoming unstoppable. You are fertile and seamlessly elevating to the next chapter. You got this! People may have counted you out and not believe in you or your dreams but it’s time to move forward. You are reaching another level and do not need to think of stepping back. That vibration is no longer in alignment with you and won’t even feel right if you attempted to be comfortable in it again.


Give time to let your soul shine. You are finally attuned with it!


Closing message:


Don’t forget to assess the current state of your intentions that were set with the new moon. Now is the time to see what has happened; Are there any changes or tasks that need to get completed or have you arrived?


Pay attention to the number eight. It carries a strong energy of balance that is being transferred to the intended receiver. If you happen to see this number, make sure you are paying attention to your thoughts to understand any messages that could be downloaded. This is how clarity is gained.


Lastly, do not fight the good and permanent changes that are on the way to you. Just let it happen. Don’t let fears and expectations stop you from what feels right.

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