May 2022: New Moon in Gemini

This zodiac is focused on the shoulders, arms, hands, bronchial tubes, and lungs.

Are you excited to dive into Gemini season?


Let’s explore how this twin energy is affecting the collective at this time.


As someone who has been focusing on NOT being a control freak, this season has been doing a great job of keeping me in check. For anyone who can relate, have you noticed things may not be happening when you want but at the right time?


It’s like an ice cream truck that goes through a neighborhood at a certain time daily. When the weather is bad and you’re craving a Strawberry Shortcake, the truck is not there. However, when hours pass by during the summer and you’re getting hot, that ice cream truck seems to come at the right time.


This season consists of being fertile on many levels. Going back to basics, it is about making sure that all the gunk is removed so that we can reap all we’ve sown. This new moon in Gemini asks us to awaken our childhood desires and face the underlying fears that stem from past rejection, pain, hurt, and the feeling of having weight on the shoulders.


The stigma of being or having a twin may show up at this time. For example, the desire of wanting to be carried or never truly being alone because you have an unbreakable bond with another who just “gets you.” If you have felt that way recently, in any fashion, this is definitely for you.


Burdens may seem heavy, as energetically, you are on different timelines. You may want things to be done at a specific time, but the Divine is working on making them happen at the right point in time. This is because you are being led to alignment and elevation. You may see yourself envisioning, feeling, or even living in the time ahead. Downloads and glimpses may come in through your thoughts, dreams, and visions at this time. You are being energetically guided by your future self on how to reach that higher version.


This is leading to divine delays and distractions that serve as a catalyst to said future. You are being led into experiences that will help you align with who you are meant to be. These experiences are helping you patch the “missing link” between the two timelines.


You are getting back to understanding that you are here for a reason. For the majority, this can take years, even lifetimes, to find that truth, but when you open your heart and allow yourself to be alert, you become more sensitive to the messages of the universe. This time can feel like déjà vu as you go through specific experiences again. This is to let you see and gauge your personal growth and finalize the chapters of lessons that had to be learned.


Missed opportunities of the past are being presented again. After comprehending the lessons that needed to be learned for the past decade or so, everything boils down to you. Are you ready to step into the next level this time or will fear take over and you wait for another period of lessons and awakenings before reaching your end goal? Do you trust yourself? What about your dreams or your goals?


Your Divine Team wants you to move forward without a doubt and into your new reality. You are going to be stepping into territory that you have never been in before. This may mean that you are becoming a parent, reaching an exponential increase in income, getting high-profile clients or elite material possessions, or all the above. It is not limited to these listed items either. No matter what this means for you, you are stepping into a bounty that may have seemed impossible to reach.


It may get you in your head. You may, at times, get filled with doubts or unconsciously self-sabotage, but wait…..




Take a moment to breathe. Think of everything you have experienced until this moment: the sleepless and painful nights, the heartbreak, the homelessness, being broken down, etc. If you have to cry as these memories come in, please do. Let it flow. Release those patchwork moments from your joints, shoulders, arms, hands, lungs, and bronchial tubes. Express yourself freely. Stretch, jump, run, do what feels right. Take each and every moment, including memories that did not come up, and visualize them being put into a bag.


State out loud, “I let you go.”


Using your mind’s eye, visualize them melting and disappearing. Let those burdens go.


Say, “I allow all that is for me to come in effortlessly. It is mine.”


As they come to you, replace it with all that you feel and know is coming your way and repeat this process as often as it feels fit.




Step into the transformation station, where all your dreams can become a reality. After you have released all that needs to go, it’s time to write everything that you know is coming to you.


You are divinely guided and protected in this time by yourself and all of the members of your spiritual team. Their power is your power, and the key has already been given to unlock the veil between what you feel and what is to become a reality. Each intricate detail is filled with the lessons learned from all you’ve released, and they will serve as the fuel leading you to where you need to go.


Your team is behind you and on go, ready to move when you are. You are the tree of life at this moment. All is dependent on you for transformation, and this is done by allowing your mind to claim that reality. Everything you do from here on out packs a punch and will bear exponential fruit, things you may never dream of.


It is your time to shine bright! Tap into your powers, you magickal being and watch everything shift beyond your wildest dreams. Now is not the time to give up. Believe that everything you want is coming and write it down somewhere you can review daily. Take actionable steps towards what you want to see as your bold faith and inspired actions pierce the gap between who you are now and who you are going to be.


Trust in yourself and how you feel. Bold and Courageous should be your best friends at this time and they are leading you to your heart’s desires. Follow your intuition and believe that you are being led to conquer those very desires that have been written.


I can’t wait to see you thrive even more!

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