Est. November 2019

” None-the-less I would have never thought things would fall into place for me as they did, almost as if it were meant to be –”


Here at Empress Energy, Self-Care is a MUST. Since wholeness is so imperative to an individual’s foundation, Wednesdays are dedicated to loving on ourselves. One of my favorite ways to care for myself is by getting my nails done. After moving to Titusville, the first person I met was Nora. She was so inviting, friendly, and knowledgeable. Over time, we have only gotten closer. I would love to share her story as an example of why believing in yourself and your passions are absolutely necessary.


My name is Nora Ramsdell and I have a private studio in Titusville off of Cheney Highway. As a nail technician I specialize in gel extensions, gel overlays for natural nails, and custom designs. I am currently one of only two Bio Sculpture Gel Certified Manicurists in all of Central Florida.


I can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube under the alias NAQ57.


I chose to become a licensed nail tech after 7 years of practicing and learning different methods of nail art and designs. I became very passionate and decided to share it with the interested audience.


My move to the state of Florida plays a huge role on my defining moment.  Now living in a city environment where nail art is much popular and sought after, gives me the opportunity to express and share my passion for healthy natural nail care and custom designs.


 My move to Florida never included any plans of going to Nail School to obtain my license and start a new business. None-the-less I would have never thought things would fall into place for me as they did, almost as if it were meant to be – despite the pandemic interruptions within 3 months of my first day of business! Seeing my clients leave with a smile from looking at their beautifully manicured healthy nails and how much they appreciate my work for them keeps me going! I am passionate about this because it satisfies my craving for being creative, learning new things and having time to myself.


What is it about designing healthy nails that keeps you coming back?


Seeing the beautiful growth of the natural nails as well as getting to try new design techniques.


Why is this your chosen method of self-care?


I have been conscious about my nails for as long as I can remember and polishing them (working with both hands) comes very easy for me.

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