Our Worst Enemy

As humans, there’s a side of us that loves sleeping with negativity.  I mean negative thoughts, expectations, and even hoping for the worse. This is a terrible habit, as it prevents us from stepping into the paths that are the best for us. 


Many opportunities get missed because we’re so caught up in what is wrong or could go wrong. We start to experience FOMO (the fear of missing out) with new jobs, businesses, relationships, etc. simply because we allow fears to step in and take over our minds.


If you are one who struggles with thinking positive or expecting the best, acknowledge the roots of this belief system and shake it loose. Replace any lies with the truth and use this affirmation as your mantra when the negativity starts to creep in:

"I abandon old habits and thoughts. I choose new, positive ones."

Believe that everything needed to make this true is finding you and surrender to the unknown.

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