September 2022: Full Moon in Pisces

This zodiac is focused on the feet, toes, and pineal gland.

I’m sure you may think I’ve lost it at this point with two seahorses representing this Pisces full moon but let me prove otherwise.


You may be waiting for your ships, or blessings, to come in. However, did you consider that they have already arrived?


If it sounds like I said that you are waiting for what you already have, that would be correct.


This time is asking for us to reassess where we are and to seek necessary guidance needed to look at everything from a new perspective. Currently, you may be finding yourself fighting what is currently happening around you because it does not fit your ‘standards’ but you know the truth. What you are working towards or desiring, is already blossoming right in front of you, but you may be unable to see it.


You may find yourself afraid of where you are, in uncharted territory, experiencing similar lessons. However, you’ve got this. You may be re-experiencing a specific chain of events that make you feel hesitant or afraid to continue but there’s something you may not realize.


Yes, you may be going through similar circumstances, but you are very different from who you were the last time. You had lessons to learn and now is the time to apply them. If you missed my reading on Thursday, you can find it below, but the message is still coming through very strongly. After learning the lessons, you needed to discover, they became apart of you, not only to protect you, but to assist as the qualifications needed to elevate to the next level.


The seahorses represent revamping yourself and doing things differently while you are still developing. The changes that you are experiencing are serving as the cherry on top while you tap into yourself get the needed answers.


This is the time to show compassion to yourself. If you have any flashbacks from the past, allow for forgiveness and closure. You did not know any better at that time but now you do. Do not allow yourself to dwell on the past because it is gone and tomorrow awaits.


Now that you have learned all the lessons you needed to learn, it is time to find and hold on to the confidence that surrounds you and march forward. You are not in this thing called life alone. As you embrace this truth, take note that this time is revealing more of who you are and your strengths to you.


You are learning more of yourself. This creates opportunities to call in more of what you desire while becoming a potent magnet. It all starts with you and the seeds that were planted. They are in the process of blooming but still have a little way to go as they develop in their fullness.


As you continue on the journey, be sure to enjoy it and the reality you are creating.


Fleur De Lis

When you watch Thursday’s reading below, you’ll see that this charm had me at a loss for words. After some research and investigation, I was able to discover that this charm is the fleur-de-lis. Another name is the Flower of the Lily. This represents purity, growth, and royalty. Stepping into your power is a strong message coming through for this charm.  Remember that you have greatness within you.


Join us as we read about the Pisces in Full Moon this time around. Let’s talk about it!

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