September 2022: New Moon in Libra

This zodiac is focused on the kidney, ureter, bladder, veins, and skin.

Between 5 and 6 PM EST on September 25th, the new moon in Libra should hit its peak for this cycle and let me just say, OMG, it’s a real one! The buildup to this has been a record for this year.


We’re literally being asked, “Aren’t those bags you carry heavy?” On top of THAT, many of us are being shown how heavy our loads are.


On top of THAT top, just a little cherry on the top if you will, we are in retrograde time. If the craziness of the world so far has not made it clear, guess what, it’s also in Libra.


So, we’re getting a double whammy of the universe trying to plainly show us that we may have too much, or too little, going on. This is like getting extra weight added to a heavy bookbag or extra tasks added to a long to do list.


This may cause you to feel unsure of what you have decided in most recent times and cause you to simply go through the motions detached, unavailable, and disconnected. Think a living sleepwalker…. Maybe this is the zombie apocalypse everyone has been referring to. Either way, you may find yourself, or are being put in a position, to rethink your approach to specific details or life in general.


A recurring theme over the past few months have been uncovering the reality between real versus fantasy and the energies at this time are pretty much making you see which one has more weight and how to balance that, if need be.


As you navigate through these next few weeks and explore your intentions, keep the following in mind:


  • You should NOT give up on what you want
  • Show compassion to yourself and others
  • Use any new wisdom and information to determine how to move forward
  • Breathe through uncomfortable feelings
  • Rest
  • Acknowledge how you feel mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically, etc.
  • Remind yourself that you are very close to the reality you want to see
  • This may feel like a dark night of the soul, but you are almost on the other side
  • Your dreams are coming true
  • You are being realigned and balanced at this time
  • This is leading to an expansion within your world. Molting crabs are uncomfortable until the old shell is gone and a new one has formed. You are going through a similar process.
  • You are being made vulnerable because you are transforming
  • You are being guided to flourish
  • Release negative attachments and submerge yourself in healthy connections
  • Factual Affirmations
    • I am upgrading
    • I am a magnet for love, happiness, and my desires
    • I am staying open to the various ways love will show up


If you would like to get a talisman while meditating on these affirmations, check out them out here, they even double as a fridge magnet to serve as a reminder!

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