The Big Bang

Stepping out on faith, trusting spirit, whatever you choose to call it, is a challenge!


Empress Energy has been in the making for over five years, but I was just so scared to put myself out there while not feeling ready. I always wondered who would be interested in what I had to say or if I could truly be successful. During this time, I learned that entrepreneurs need to possess a certain type of vulnerability to be open to the idea of stepping into the unknown.


If you are reading this and want to take that step, I salute you Love. I promise that you are not alone in this journey. There are plenty people who have experienced or are experiencing what you are going through right now.


We see you and we understand every single emotion!


This does not only apply to individuals wanting to create a business though. There are people who want to dive into knowing themselves on a deeper level or find happiness like never before. I am speaking about all of you too! 


Acknowledging the need to care for your mental health or inner desires does not make you crazy! It does not make you a nerd or illegitimate. You have feelings! You have a purpose and taking the time to listen to that inner voice makes you strong.


I’ll repeat that again for the people in the back.




photo of starry night

We live in a world where we are supposed to be robots lined up to complete the next task or fit in a certain shape, but like the matrix, there is a community of people acknowledging that something is NOT RIGHT, and they are waking up. You are in that group of people and choosing to follow your gut is choosing to take the red pill.


Is it easy? Not by a long shot, but I promise that the journey is worth it. If you haven’t read any of the other blogs on this site yet, I recommend doing so. They are testimonials to just how powerful and different life can be when we choose to listen to that small voice inside.


Actually, I am not sure that I can call that voice small anymore. With the vast changes that can occur when we choose to trust it, small is a complete understatement. I would like to think of it as the Big Bang from now on. With the theory in mind, it makes me think of how majestic changes can occur by simply following what starts off as a whisper.


So if you, dear reader, are patient and calm enough, you can start to learn about that vulnerability I mentioned earlier. It takes a strong woman, man, young adult, or teen to go against everything they ever learned to live a life worth living. It takes understanding that not everyone is going to agree with your decisions until they see tangible evidence of your unorthodox journey.


If you choose to embark, there are many people that are willing to support you along the way. The Big Bang, your inner voice, will be your guide. You will never be alone, regardless of how it may feel. I, in my continuously vulnerable state, will be here cheering you on, believing that you are doing all that it takes to encourage another as I do for you in this moment.


So be strong and remember that listening to that whisper is setting you up for success and giving you the opportunity to make this world a better place just by showing up.

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