The Phoenix



I like to consider myself very spiritual.


I like to think that I have everything together until I remember that I am only human.


I like to think that I define my life, but then, I remember that Spirit has the final word.


I am grateful for where I am, but I have experienced one too many challenges that make me question where I am headed.


I believe that I am on the right path, but can I be honest?


Sometimes, it’s just hard to keep going. Sometimes, it just feels overwhelming to keep going or believing that all I have to do is just believe that I am being led in the right direction.


I can speak on this right now because it is what I am going through and I hate to give the wrong impression that everything is ice cream and rainbows all the time.


To be completely transparent, the past few months have been very challenging. For the last 14 months, I have been diving into healing my shadow self non-stop. This means that for the past year, all of the forgotten trauma and pain I experienced during my life have been coming out and coming to the surface.


Spiritually, this meant a lot of detoxing of religion and limitations.


Mentally, it was having to connect to bombarding emotions that I hadn’t felt in YEARS.


Physically, this meant being drained of the energy that I had and experiencing tension in areas that correlated with the issues that were appearing.


Intellectually, I had to ignore the rules of the physical realm. I had to let go of everything I learned that kept me limited or hidden from the path I was supposed to find.


It’s easy to talk about now, but when your very being is being stripped internally of everything, it’s not an easy process to cover. Now that most of the process is over and I am in a place of balancing myself with who I was designed to be, it feels like Spirit has stepped back.


It feels like, “I opened myself up to you demolishing the very essence of who I am and now that the process is on the verge of being over, you deserted me.”


However, this is NOT the case. In the season of purging and extracting the toxicity, Spirit became closer.


So close that we are one.


So close that every breath and blink is heard and noted.


Close to where my thoughts are his voice.


If you are like me and have felt this “distancing”, hold on tight.


Spirit is dressing you to be the person you need to be in this world.


Spirit is putting on the finishing touches and making sure that everything that needs to be addressed is taken care of.




You are not alone.


The Divine is with you.


Sitting with you.


Listening to you.


Honoring you.


You spent FOREVER going through challenges that pushed you beyond your limits. It was not without reason. You were created to be a light that this world needs and now that you are the person you need to be, Spirit is FASCINATED with you.


You are the Phoenix.


You are now the magickal creature that you were created to be, and your support system can only stare in awe at the reality you have become.


They love you.


They are protecting you and adorning you with all the tools you need to make a powerful change.


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