Est. 2020

“You know when you look in the mirror and realize you got the juice”


What’s up y’all! My name is Jacquie Verbal, nowadays, everybody calls me “Trap” because of my brand, The Trap Goddesss LLC. It’s so crazy because I started my business on 4.20.2020 with much intention and purpose. I was just ending a relationship and was in a transformation period. This was the time in my life when I started understanding that I had a greater purpose in life, other than working as a part of someone else’s dream.


I had my own dreams and desires for how I wanted to spend my life. I was also seeing myself for the first time! You know when you look in the mirror and realize you got the juice. My confidence was elevating, so I took a bet on myself and changed my IG name to The Trap Goddesss and launched my website


When launching this gift as a business, it was just an idea to see if this was actually what I was supposed to be doing. You know, if THIS was the thing I’ve been running from. I started off offering “Angel Message” readings and selling spiritual baths and other botanical products. Within a year of dedication to my healing journey and walking in my truth self, I’ve been led into reiki, shamanic work, my reading style has elevated, and now the brand has signature reiki candles! The greatest blessing is that I am now traveling on my first annual Trap Popup Tour doing meet ups and providing services like readings, shamanic reiki, and sound bath healing for the hood! I am so grateful that Spirit has been leading me into a lifestyle I always desired, but thought could only be achieved while I was dreaming!


Let me tell y’all how I even got to this point cause my story is out of a f*cking book! I moved to the Raleigh-Durham area when I was about 22/23 years old for a n*gga. Dropped out of school and moved in with him type in love shit. So, at first shit was cool because I was elevating, working at the MAC counter in a “big” mall and making some good money! What I didn’t realize, I was in a toxic relationship and my life was about to be a rollercoaster ride. Fast forward to about 6 years of my life, I was running from one abuser to the next. I was attracting men that wanted to “take care of me” but it was in exchange for control of me.


I would dim myself in relationships to a point that I wouldn’t even know who I was anymore. When I had my daughter by an abuser, I realized that I was put in my family to break this generational curse. Yes, my father abused my mother and she had to run with me too – this shit was a cycle. I was in relationships with women and men and had to fight to protect my peace in every single one. Sitting back and thinking about this sh*t, it’s making me realize my ancestors and Spirit is what pulled me out of every situation, just before I completely lost my spark.


Yo, people really be out here robbing your light and draining you of your good energy! Some of them don’t even know they are a lost soul, and my ass was always trying to help a lost soul. But it took me going through those experiences to understand how life works, we have light workers that are here to uplift and enlighten other souls. Then we have dark energies that are here to help spread misery, depression, and low vibrations.


I remember after my breakup, I used to read a book called, The Four Agreements every day until I finished the book. This book changed my life and my perspective of how we think and operate in our human experience as a spiritual being. It helped me to understand that the only thinking keeping me from living in abundance is my mindset of struggling to survive. The moment I started applying new mindset agreements that were in alignment with the life I desired, is the moment my life started to change in that way!


On November 18, 2020, which is one of my closest ancestor’s birthday, I was fired from my full-time job for not passing a random drug test. Yes…Trap smokes weed, sh*t a lot of it sometimes lol! But this is the dope ass part of my story. I packed up my office as if I weren’t coming back 3 days prior and HADN’T BEEN BACK! These n*ggas fired me over the phone and I met up with them to turn in my work laptop! I knew it was coming because that is all I was manifesting at the time, to work from home full time and provide healing services to the community! I was putting it out there that I was ready to start walking in my purpose and I was asking for Spirit to catch me as I leaped if this was really my path!


Listen, since I committed to this calling my life has been a dream! I am living in abundance! All of my needs are met, my daughter has a lifestyle every parent dreams of being able to provide for their children. Honestly, the fact that I want the people in my community to unlock this power within themselves is what keeps me going! My brand’s mission is untrapping all my n*ggas one hood at a time!




When I get rappers hitting me up for energy healing work, that excites me! Not for the money, but because I am getting through to them and they understand that they can change their situation and environment.


That is the reward!


Hearing and seeing my community changing their mindset and healing themselves and lineage!


Imagine what we can do if we keep going and we all wake tf up!? Imagine a world that the indigenous people of this land woke up and unleashed our power? I’m not stopping until that world is created for my daughter and the children of the future!

I knew doing this blog post was going to bring me the opportunity to sit down and really tell my story and I would look at what all has been accomplished! Not to say I have never done it before but to share why I started and to see how it’s going is a beautiful gift!

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