When I think about a blog, I think of people just sharing whatever comes to their minds, and honestly, that is exactly what it is. When creating my own blog, I wondered, what could I have to say that would interest other people? Then I realized, although I have plenty to share, this does not have to be about me alone. I can share stories and lessons learned throughout the years and allow others I have spoken to do the same.


In the meantime, I just wanted to share my most recent experiences with learning about Energy. I recently discovered that I am empathic and absorb more energy than I need to. If you know about this topic, you can imagine that for the last two and a half-ish decades, I have just been taking in other people’s crap. IT IS NOT FUN. It led to me overthinking and acting certain ways when I was younger.


After firsthand experience, I must agree with the saying, “Watch what you pay attention to.” It is so crazy how not protecting ourselves can cause us to feel crazy until the next group of people absorb all of the energy. Then it is a cycle of people just going around sucking up all this negative energy and spoiling the fun for everyone else. This, my friend, is insanity.


We live in a world where most people do not even consider the energy they have, give off, or absorb. This is because it is impossible to pay attention to something that you do not know about, even if you can feel it every day. I say all this to say, Energy, is very real, whether you choose to accept it or not. Being able to pay attention to your own energy centers AKA chakras can help improve your life and repel those that do not have a good reason for being in your life.


After hearing this information, can we truly be upset for the ignorance the public displays?


It makes me feel bad. As in, I have a tad bit more compassion for those who do not know that their mood or thoughts are stemming from someone near them. Emphasis on a Tad. I will still hold my horn if somebody cuts me off, just saying.


If this is something you are interested in knowing more about, I recommend doing your research, but in the meantime, get a Rainbow Hematite crystal to help absorb any negativity that may come your way. They come in many forms, but personally, I really like the rings below. They feel comfy and legend has it that if too much negative energy is absorbed, it will break.


This means that instead of your day turning upside down, the ring takes it all in and still keeps going like a soldier until it has had enough. Although this is an amazing tool to have, it is a reminder to check yourself and your environment. Is everything as it should? Could it be better?


The purpose of this blog is to make you explore unorthodox ideas used for growth. I hope it serves as that push needed to do something different or that nudge to be great. Although tools and services may be offered, to experience the change that you want, it is a matter of deciding that you are ready for better and remaining consistent with that decision.


Much Love.


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